The National Council for Research, Technology and Innovation (ESETEK) is the highest advisory body of the State regarding the formulation of a national strategy for Research, Technology and Innovation Development (ETAK). ESETEK supports in its work the Minister or Deputy Minister for Research and Technology (hereinafter “Minister”) and the Secretary General for Research and Technology (GSRT) in all relative matters.


The mission of the National Council for Research, Technology and Innovation is:

The monitoring of National, European and International developments in ETAK and the submission of relevant proposals to the Minister in charge of Research and Technology and the GSRI.
The contribution in the formation and updating of ETAK and the monitoring of the progress of its implementation.
The preparation and publication of an annual Strategy Report for Research, Technology and Innovation, accompanied by a progress report for the past year, based on the monitoring of the implementation of RTD and international developments.
The submission of proposals for the utilisation, the strategic formulation and the distribution of public financing for ETAK.
The submission of proposals and the encouragement of the adoption of public policies on the basis of the research work carried out by the research centers supervised by GSRI and can have a beneficial effect on society as a whole.
The submission of proposals for the implementation of policies for the transformation of Research into Innovation and in general for the interconnection of the produced research result with entrepreneurship and all forms of non-governmental initiatives.
Contribution to ensuring close creative collaboration between research, education and the productive sectors of the economy.
Informing the public bodies and encouraging them to integrate in their operations research results and innovative products, which are produced by supervised bodies of GSRI.
The submission of proposals for the attraction of private funds, which could strengthen Research, Development and Innovation in Greece.
The contribution to the promotion of international cooperation for the formation of strong ties between the Greek and the international research community.
Examining and suggesting all kinds of incentives and formulating proposals to facilitate investments in start-ups. The networking of start-ups with existing companies, potential financiers, as well as think-tanks in Greece and abroad.
The submission of proposals to the Minister, regarding the composition of the electorate, from which the Directors of the Research Centers, Institutes and supervised bodies are selected.
The implementation of other objectives assigned to ESETEK by the Government, the Minister or the current legislation.